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HiFX is a UK-based foreign exchange broker and payments provider that has been owned by Euronet Worldwide since 2014. The company provides foreign exchange and international money transfer services to individuals and corporate customers. One of its specialist areas is in providing money transfer services for overseas property purchase and emigration. In January 2019, HiFX joined forces with XE.

A customer they lost talks about his experience: "I have had a terrible experience with HiFX I decided to use them for the 1st time to send money to China for purchase, the website said it would take up to four days, that was 10 days ago up to now there’s been no resolving my issues I call them they make false promises on the phone and nobody gets back to me! I have to follow up and they use very pleasant language to say they have done nothing! I would not recommend using this service they will waste a lot of your time. And you never get that back!"


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IT says

"I have been working at HiFX IT & Media Services Cons: - Managed by people who have no vision - Lots of petty office politics with senior management - Unprofessional approach by HR . The do not give you the full picture of the job and remuneration until you've relocated. Then they add several clauses to it. - Wrong Policies.Internal politics won't let you grow and soon you will feel trapped here and will decide to move on."

Peter says

"Not a patch on HYFX, poor debit card limit. Have to flip over to bank transfer. Then you think you’ve sent get confirmation of receipt but it’s only your order you have sent and then you realize you have to go into your bank account and do the transfer. So double transactions, if you don’t realize then you get charged for going over the spot rate date and costs you £100 plus . Totally rubbish site. Was with HYFX seven years no issues. This is a shambles."

Margaret says

"Slow in checking documents and moving money."

Daniel says

"For the second time in a row, I couldn't make my transfer from the website. I finally went to your app on my iPad and that worked easily. Not sure why your website isn't working for me."

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